Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy World Card Making Day!

I went to my sister's house and helped my 3 yr old niece, Gianna and my 5 yr old niece, Dana make some Christmas cards! The girls had so much fun picking out what papers they wanted to use and glueing everything down! The oldest made 6 cards and the younger one made 2 and then got a little bored! I think they both did an excellent job! Dana had a ball with my paper punches. It took a little muscle on her part, but she managed to master it by the end of the afternoon!

I hope everyone is have a great weekend!


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evgeers said...

Okay - you ARE doing your part to create the NEXT generation of card addicts - LOVE it and love those little angels - they are such adorable neices and you are the BESTEST aunt EVER! Your sister is very lucky to have you! Thanks for posting - I was yearning to see updated pics of those cuties! :) e